****'s Interactive Adventure Books For The Whole Family by Robert C. Finley

****'s Interactive Adventure Books

For the whole family

by Robert C. Finley

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  Hello.  My name is Robert C. Finley.  I have been a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and am the author of these books.








Please see reviews below.

     Each book in the series of ****'s Adventures is interactive.




As you have seen, the interactive part of the story is that the reader must name ****.  It really is easy.  Every place where the character's name is mentioned {****} is seen.  It is there that the reader uses his/her name for the young hero.  It's just like seeing [+] and thinking "plus" -- it's that simple.


Naming the young hero adds much to the enjoyment of the reader.  He/she has a personal interest in what is happening to the character.   Of course it makes absolutely no difference what the character is named except to the reader.   The story will still be as exciting and fun no matter what name **** is called.


You can read "ABOUT THE AUTHOR", "ABOUT THE BOOK", AND "PREVIEW PAGES" by clicking on one of the books below.  It will take you to the page for that book.  You can get to another book by clicking on my name.  You will be taken to a page with all of my books listed.  Just  click on the cover that has your interest.


The stories are about MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE, and are filled with         ADVENTURE ---- SUSPENSE ---- DANGER ----- HUMOR ---- AND FUN.


They are great reading for the whole family


    Each of the books is a complete story.  No "cliffhanger" endings.  


Due to the vocabulary these stories are written for readers age 8-9 and older.  

To my knowledge they have been enjoyably read by readers of various ages up to age 92 -- so far.


Scattered throughout the text are "life lessons".  These are short statements that bring to light some of the day-to-day truths that we all must learn as we grow.  They immediately follow a situation that leads to the "life lesson" listed.


Each story has what may be "new words" for the younger reader in BOLD print.  In the first book the descriptions are immediately behind the "new word".  In the second and all books to follow, the "new words" will still be in bold print, but there is a GLOSSARY at the end of the book with the words and meanings listed alphabetically.

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Reading for fun -----> is fun.


The books can be found at

AuthorHouse      Amazon 

and lots of other national and international on-line book sellers.

    They can also be found at local book stores.   If not in stock, they will be happy to order them for you.

I wish you all happy reading.



"I have read Mr. Finley's work on two separate occasions.  I was impressed with the incredible creativity of the story, the narrative and the excellent command of the English language.  The story will have wide appeal to young people of all ages and cultures."

Dr. Robert Munro

University of Florida Law Librarian

University of Florida


"The story is full of interesting characters, great creativity, and a satisfying triumph of good over evil."

Dr. Ann Bryan

University of Florida

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